FIRSTHAND: Gun Violence

The number of gun violence victims in Chicago may fluctuate, but the psychological trauma in many neighborhoods is constant. How do wounded communities heal? FIRSTHAND: GUN VIOLENCE explores the personal stories of people whose lives have been affected and how each, in their own way, is transforming pain and struggle into hope and action.


Heaven: Can You Hear Me?

In Philadelphia, gun violence is the leading cause of death for young Black men. HEAVEN: CAN YOU HEAR ME? explores the impact on families through the eyes of mothers like one woman whose youngest of four sons was murdered. The film demonstrates the challenges gun violence prevention advocates confront while allowing viewers to understand the often-untold trauma and resilience of survivors.


Gun Violence

What will it take to put an end to gun violence? In the United States, the rate of gun violence continues to increase as more families become victims of senseless, preventable violence and long-lasting trauma. Gun violence has become an epidemic, devastating communities in a single moment of hate in everyday spaces – churches, school campuses, workplaces and neighborhood streets – causing irreparable harm as reform remains tied up in stagnant legislation.

But who are the people behind the tragic headlines? WORLD's films seek to add humanity to the media narrative of gun violence in America, focusing on the far-reaching ripple effects of grief and trauma, the path toward healing, and the victims who are often left out of the conversation.

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