America ReFramed

Who is Arthur Chu?

Season 06  Episode 12

WHO IS ARTHUR CHU? follows 11-time Jeopardy! winner Arthur Chu, who won almost $300,000 by using an unconventional strategy on the game show. The national attention led this insurance analyst to amass tens of thousands of fans and haters on Twitter. Arthur plans to put his 15 minutes of TV fame to good use, and begins a career as both a speaker and writer. By addressing topics such as racism and sexism particularly in gaming culture, his posture debunks the “model” Asian American stereotype. 

A sheltered childhood and fraught relationship with his father led Arthur to wish he could “erase his identity” and be seen solely as an American - one who is valued for his ideas and ideals. Determined to find his purpose, Arthur believes that he has the right to be different, break the rules and have a say. He harnesses his passion and newfound notoriety to face-off with social media and gaming bullies. 

The film tracks the ups-and-downs of Arthur’s life as a quasi-celebrity and observes the influence of TV and social media on individuals, the new American Dream, and the significance of going viral in this day and age.