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The Mayors of Shiprock

Season 03  Episode 5

Meet THE MAYORS OF SHIPROCK – a group of young Navajo leaders dedicated to helping their New Mexico town. The Northern Diné Youth Committee meets every Monday night to learn about their Native culture, discuss community improvements, and work to bridge divides within their community. Some on the reservation say they don’t have the traditional knowledge and language needed to be real leaders…but the Mayors are not stopping. 

Shiprock, like many other Native communities, wrestles with poverty, drugs, alcohol, and violence. The Navajo Nation is working to respond to these problems, but the Mayors want to take matters into their own hands – they organize trash cleanups, paint over graffiti, and haul wood for the elderly. Their actions may seem small but their goals are big: to keep young Navajos away from the negative aspects of reservation life, and to inspire everyone to help in strengthening and transforming their community.

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