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WHY SLAVERY? North Korea's Secret Slaves: Dollar Heroes

Season 04  Episode 12

The North Korean regime maintains one of the world's largest forced labor operations. Cash-strapped due to international economic sanctions, the government sells its own citizens as laborers to work in Russia, China and a dozen other countries, including member states of the European Union. Experts estimate that the number of ‘work brigades’ has risen to more than 150,000 since Kim Jong-un has come to power.

Featuring undercover footage and powerful testimonials, NORTH KOREA'S SECRET SLAVES: DOLLAR HEROES reveals the scale and brutality of the system, and exposes how companies and governments around the world are complicit in the trade of human beings. With the promise of payment and honor, thousands of North Koreans are sent abroad, only to find themselves living under constant surveillance and working up to 14 hours in harsh conditions - their wages are transferred directly to the government. Filmed over two years, the films shows how North Korea and the forces of globalization have made a Faustian pact: underpaid workers toil for the dictator's nuclear program while the United Nations and the European Union look away. Silver Winner, 2nd Annual Anthem Awards, Human & Civil Rights - Film, Video, Television or Show.